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SEO Willenhall

If you’re looking for an SEO specialist in Willenhall then look no further!

Experienced SEO Specialists

HBK Solutions provides a strategic SEO service from our offices in Willenhall. We are a results driven team who thrive on delivering SEO success for our clients.

Having a well-designed, good looking website is a great start, but it amounts to nothing if nobody can find it. On average there are 96,000 searches a minute on Google. Those kind of numbers make it essential for your website to get found online promoting your products and services. Websites in top positions on google for relevant keywords get a much higher share of the traffic on a search engine result, compared to websites in lower positions.

There are many ways you can promote and market your business and your website, and we are happy to help you to carry out different forms of digital marketing, the number of Google searches make SEO hard to ignore. Effective SEO takes time and patience, but can provide a strong return on investment for your marketing budget in the long term.

Our SEO options are tailored to the needs of your business. Rather than offering fixed packages we tailor a solution to suit your needs and your budget.

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Bespoke Plans

Every business is individual and so are all our SEO plans. We create a plan to work within and maximise your budget.

Results Driven

Our SEO solutions are driven on results. We won’t do anything for the sake of it. Everything we do for SEO is designed to fit a specific purpose.

Ethical and White Hat

We will only use techniques and strategies approved by search engines. We won’t do anything to provide short term results that could have an overall negative impact on your website.

Proactive Strategies

Our SEO plans are designed to be proactive and think about the long term benefits we can deliver to your website.

Competitive Rates

Our rates for our services are competitive. We are experienced and good at what we do, and we always look to provide value for money.

What is SEO

SEO is the process of optmising a website so that it appears higher in the results listings of search engines for certain keyword phrases.

SEO increases the chances of getting your website in front of the right people at the right time, making it more likely you will generate a lead or a sale.

To optimise a website for SEO to increase ranking in search engines everything from page load speed, mobile friendliness, back links and website structure can make a big difference.

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How does SEO work at HBK?

When running our SEO service for our clients in Willenhall and beyond, we follow the same key process.

1. Understanding your goals

We like to get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve and how you view success. We then agree some measurable goals based around traffic levels, numbers of enquiries and which products, services and areas you want to target.

2. Auditing your website

We like to perform a full SEO audit on your website to gain an understanding of it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We base this off doing an analysis of your competitors and looking at your website content, as well as it’s technical and structural components. We use our findings to develop a tailor made SEO strategy.

3. Setting expectations

SEO is never an overnight fix and sometimes search engines take a while to recognise how the changes on a website impact position in their results. Some keywords are also more difficult to rank for than others depending on competitor behaviour and budgets.

4. Agreeing a plan

Using the results of our audit and discussing them with you we will be able to agree a way to move forward suiting your budget and goals. You will be able to use our plan to see how much time we are spending, and what we are working on in relation to your SEO campaign at any given time.

5. Execution, Evaluation, Evolution

We will perform the actions agreed in the plan. At various stages we will carry out reviews to monitor progress. This will allow us to see what methods are having the most effect so we can improve the plan and divert your resources into the areas bringing you the best results.

When do I see SEO results?

This is always a difficult question to answer. For keyword phrases in areas with less competition, results are likely to be much faster than in areas with lots of competition. We aim to see significant progress within 3 to 6 months, but each campaign is different and involves different competitors with different budgets and strategies. We would give bespoke and realistic timescales in our individual plan created especially for your business.


How much do your SEO services cost?

Our SEO services are based on time. Rather than lock you into packages we work out a strategy to deliver the maximum effect with what you can afford to spend. Our rates are extremely competitive especially with our level of experience and ability to get results. The more time we can spend on a campaign the faster we can produce results and the more benefit we can deliver for you. That being said, in some industries a modest spend can deliver success in time.

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